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Sports Chiropractic in O’Fallon

Dad and son playing basketballWhether you’re a diehard CrossFitter, weekend golfer, high school or collegiate athlete, you want your body to perform optimally. Chiropractic care for athletes can help improve function, reduce injury, and promote faster recovery if you happen to get injured.

How Chiropractic Helps Athletes

Here are some of the top ways that athletes can benefit from chiropractic care:

  • Alleviates pain
  • Helps prevent injuries
  • Improves range of motion and function
  • Can address injuries
  • Improves performance

Helping All Types of Athletes Be at Their Best

A young baseball player might have issues with their swing or shoulder pain. Dr. Agan and Dr. Caleb can address their particular concern as well as troubleshoot what they can do to prevent it from happening. For example, if you normally swing the bat with your right hand, you can try it with the left during your warm-ups to balance the stress on your spine. Thanks to his own experience and coaching, Dr. Agan can provide many helpful hints.

One patient was a 16-year-old who was an avid golfer and wanted to enhance his swing, which had lost some of its torque recently. Dr. Agan correlated it to areas of the spine that weren’t moving correctly, adjusting them and advising the young man on stretches he could do. He’s able to do what he loves without restrictions.

“I’m not as good as I once was. What’s wrong with me?”

Whether you aren’t throwing the football like you used to or are playing lacrosse but are applying ice and heat to get rid of the pain or staying up late to stretch, Dr. Agan and Dr. Caleb can help. We’ll save you from having to resort to pain medications and help you operate like a fine-tuned machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you see athletes of all ages and levels?

Yes! Dr. Agan and Dr. Caleb provide outstanding chiropractic care for athletes across the spectrum. These include high school and collegiate athletes, adult runners, cyclists, and weekend warriors.

What types of sports injuries can you address?

We are able to take care of numerous types of injuries. Here are some of the common types we see at the practice: knee injuries, sprains, strains, plantar fasciitis, golfer’s/tennis elbow, and shin splints.

Could chiropractic help me be less dependent on pain medication?

Definitely. If you don’t want to rely on OTC or prescription painkillers to get relief and would like a natural alternative, you should consider chiropractic care.

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Whether you’re seeking to boost your performance, get out of pain or heal quickly so you can get back in the game, we want to help. Contact Agan Chiropractic to book a convenient appointment!


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