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Meet Dr. Brad Agan

Understanding the Impact of Chiropractic

As a child, Dr. Agan saw his mother suffer from degenerative disc disease. The extreme pain kept her from living her life, and she didn’t want to count on pills to cope. She decided to give chiropractic care a try and has been free from discomfort ever since. When Dr. Agan injured his back while playing baseball in high school, he went to the same chiropractor.

It was this chiropractor who asked Dr. Agan if he’d considered entering chiropractic as a career. Though he’d planned on following his father’s footsteps into the banking industry, the idea stuck in his head.

Gaining a Chiropractic Education

The first part of Dr. Agan’s education was completed at Simpson College, where he obtained a degree in exercise science. Afterward, he worked as a personal trainer and loved the feeling of helping people. “I wanted to impact someone’s life, taking my time to figure out what their needs are.” After shadowing his chiropractor, he decided to enroll at Logan University in Chesterfield, Missouri.

There, he deepened his understanding of how the body works and that the nervous system controls every other system. “If you can remove pressure from the nervous system by restoring motion in the spine, the body can respond exactly how it should and heal itself.”

Staying Active

Dr. Agan has always loved baseball. He fell in love with St. Louis and the Cardinals the day he moved there on August 26, 2011, when the Cardinals were more than ten games out and made a miraculous run. In his spare time, he golfs and goes to the gym, challenging his body and sharing his knowledge of fitness with others.

He’s a member of the St. Charles Regional Chamber of Commerce and Focus Foundations, an organization based on principled chiropractic that diagnoses areas of stress in the spine and uses specific, hands-on adjusting.

You can also find him helping out with the Fort Zumwalt West High School baseball team.

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