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Chiropractic Can Assess School Kids' Spinal Stress

school children sitting wearing backpackChildren are constantly developing, with their bodies changing so rapidly that if you blink, they’ve already gotten taller! This continual change is normal, of course—but it can cause stress on the child’s body and nervous system.

Regular chiropractic checkups to assess their stress and keep them in balance can help them develop optimally and minimize problems along the way.

What Is Tech Neck?

Tech neck is the name for the postural imbalance created by spending too much time working at computers or looking at tablets, phones or other devices. We used to see “office posture” in adults with office jobs, but with more and more schools using laptops and tablets, we are seeing this condition in kids as young as elementary school age.

Because kids’ bodies are also growing so rapidly, tech neck presents greater challenges for them than adults. We want to take care of issues like tech neck, so your child’s normal growth patterns aren’t affected or distorted. By addressing tech neck early on, we can help prevent long-term problems associated with misalignments and imbalances in the neck.

The Problem With Backpacks

The backpacks kids wear are typically not designed to offer adequate support, and they are often crammed full of heavy books and gear. Wearing these backpacks every day causes tremendous stress on kids’ spines and can contribute to imbalances and postural issues. When we check kids regularly, we can address issues caused by backpacks, so the problem doesn’t get worse over time.

Our Approach

Dr. Agan at Agan Chiropractic loves helping kids get the most out of life by keeping their spine and nervous system functioning optimally. In addition to gentle chiropractic adjustments, he offers specific exercises and stretches kids can do to counter the imbalances caused by tech neck and heavy backpacks.

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